Study : o3zone effects on viruses

Study : o3zone effects on viruses

The research group coordinated by Professor Izzotti, Director of the Mutagenesis and Prevention Unit in the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Genoa (Italy) has been working for 4 years on the development of a preparation capable of carrying active oxygen (ozone) inside the cells.

The use in humans of this preparation has recently been authorized by the MCCAA.

The presence of bioavailable ozone in the cytoplasm has a virucidal/virostatic effect on intracellular replication viruses.
In fact, ozone is a well-known virucide; however, its use in gaseous form or in aqueous solution has so far limited its action to extra-cellular seats.

Results was very promising on viruses such as HPV and HSV, characterized by a cytoplasmic replication phase which occurs very effectively stopped by the preparation.

COVID19 is an RNA monoelica virus without reverse transcriptase and therefore characterized by intense cytoplasmic replication.

Based on Izzotti's studies, there are conditions that demonstrate that this preparation (innovative compared to those on the market)can be useful in the clinical management of affected patients.

Experimentation has shown that the preparation:

  • A - Is characterized by very high compliance having very low systemic toxicity;
  • B - Has an anti-inflammatory but not immune-suppressive effect, factors extremely useful in the clinical picture of interstitial pneumonia due to COVID19.
  • C - Can be used as a preventive cure.

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